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Customs Document processing and assistance


& Customs Document processing and assistance

Secure and Highly guarded Bonded warehouse/Safehouse

Safe Keeping

Secure and Highly guarded Bonded warehouse/Safehouse

Real-Time Tracking

Ensuring transparency and peace of mind, our state-of-the-art tracking system keeps you informed at every stage of your cargo's journey. our advanced technology provides comprehensive updates on the location, status, and conditions of your valuable cargo in real time. you can trust our tracking system to deliver detailed insights, allowing you to monitor progress, anticipate any potential delays, and make informed decisions.Insigne Africa's commitment to innovation and reliability, you can rest assured that your cargo is in safe hands, backed by cutting-edge tracking technology every step of the way.

Boarder and Customs Advisory

Navigating the complexities of cargo handling and customs procedures across African countries can be daunting. At Insigne Africa, we possess in-depth knowledge of the necessary modern procedures in most African countries. Efficient border clearance, Whether it's documentation requirements, compliance checks, or procedural nuances, we are here to help, simplifying the process and minimizing delays. With our border and customs advisory services, you can trust us to facilitate hassle-free border cargo inspection, allowing you to focus on your core business activities with confidence.


The level of insurance coverage for your cargo is paramount,we prioritize ensuring comprehensive protection for your shipments. Recognizing the importance of insurance, a unique assurance to our returning clients by covering 25% of their insurance costs. This commitment underscores our dedication to providing peace of mind and security throughout the logistics process. With our insurance and assurance promise, clients can trust that their cargo is safeguarded against unforeseen events, allowing them to ship with confidence, knowing their assets are protected.

At InsigneAfrica

we have finetuned our expertise and experience in the complexities of traditional cargo on purpose-built freighter aircrafts.

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Customs and Boarder document processing

Our expert team handles most customs and border document processing, ensuring smooth clearance for your shipments across African countries.

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Overland, Ocean and Air Freight

Insigne will provide you with multimodal logistics solutions with an industry focus via P&O Ferry masters, Cargo flights and maritime logistics.

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Warehousing and SafeKeeping

Utilizing our secure bonded warehouses and safehouse storage facilities, we ensure the utmost safety and protection for your valuable cargo. Safe storage, tailored transport boxes, and dedicated loading supervision, InsigneAfrica offers dedicated solutions for your most precious and sensitive commodities.

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Consulting Services

Our priority is to offer a mix of tools and insights for businesses, no matter the size of your operation, the volume of your sales or the age of your company.


We may not express how good our expertise is at all times, we like our clients to experience for themselves and give honest reviews

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    Pantcuality in cargo handling at the port and Airports

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    Access to all required documents

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    Rated 5 star review by over 2,340 clients the last 15 Years

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    Security and asset/consignment assuarance

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    96 Destinations accross the world

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Insigne Africa. covers over 96 locations all over the globe plus numerous logistic and Aviation partner companies from different areas in Africa and accross the world.

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